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Java editor v1.12

This application is written in Delphi 5. Get source code and You will learn how to:
  • launch DOS applications
  • redirect DOS output to file or string list
  • parse compiler output to find errors
  • manage with INI files
  • move cursor to row/column and indicate current row/column
  • open WWW page in Browser and send email
  • autoindent lines and smart tabs
  • and much more...

  • Get source code for $10

    What do you can with Java editor.

  • edit java code ( move or copy marked text by dragging, search for text, cut, copy, paste, undo, autoindent and "smart tabs" modes ...)
  • compile code
  • jump in to error row/column
  • launch application
  • create HTML template for applet
  • run applet

  • Note: you must have installed Java 2 SDK. Java editor uses Java SDK's compiler, interpreter and applet viewer.

    Main window

    Load, edit and save Java code.
    Compile. Syntax errors are listed in Errors list. Double click error to move editor's cursor to error position.
    You can view compiler's output at DOS output window.
    Press "Run" or "Run applet" buttons to view result.
    Create HTML template for your applet from : Menu/Code/Create HTML/

    Options window

    Set java SDK directory; compiler, interpreter and applet viewer command line parameters

    Editor font; Autoindent, smart tabs modes

    HTML template for applets

    Project specific options; Application command line and Applet HTML file