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Changing your desktop wallpapers could be done automatically.
Every time when I turn my computer on I have new wallpaper on my desktop.

Installation instructions:

  • Prepare your favorite desktop wallpapers and store in any directory, for example C:\wallpaper\
  • Unpack WPMEXE.ZIP archive in any directory and run wallpaper manager ( WM)
  • Locate wallpaper directory in directory tree at left panel of WM. File list box will show you all BMP files stored in this directory.
  • Set wallpaper directory by pressing "Set wallpaper directory" button at top-right corner of WM.
  • Choose any wallpaper from list and press "Set wallpaper" button
  • Check "Change wallpaper on StartUp" checkbox if you want to automatically change wallpapers when your computer StartUps
  • Close WM