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If you have empty crossword puzzle and database of words, you can fill in a crossword puzzle by words. Certainly, than more words in a database, the more chances, that the crossword puzzle will be filled. Load an empty crossword puzzle and database of words in the program.
Note: Borland's Database Engine should be already installed.
Pattern for filling gets out by the certain algorithm which the word is set in group "Fill method". Length - gets out on length, Fill - on filled coefficient, Xross - by quantity of crossings by others patterns, Touch - by touch quantity.
If the word is not found means that it is prevented by a word in next pattern, hence it should be cleared. The method for a choice of a cleared word is established in group "Delete method".
The process of filling/clearing of a word can get in a loop. The control of such loop is carried out in group "Repetitions". To leave from a loop it is necessary to change a method of filling or method of clearing - checkbox "Change dinamicaly".
For filling it is possible to choose words which already are described, or unused words.

When the crossword puzzle is filled, it is possible to enter the descriptions of words, or to remove a word from a database

The filled crossword puzzle can be saved as compressed, text or in HTML format. To forbid use these words in the other crossword puzzle you can update the used counter of words.